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Recent Updates and Sightings

From FLBirds possible first U.S. record of Western Spindalis nesting: - pix and more info:

@cindyzlogic It is actually called an "eagle" by some in a colloquial sense and does appear on a flag. :)

Photoblogging for International Vulture Awareness Day: 2 vultures and a condor

It's Friday and time for another weekly quiz: Good luck!

@cindyzlogic @woodcreeper Thanks! The chirps were unexpected, didn't think they could be heard on the recording.

@nycmike Thanks! Been wanting to catch that behavior on video for a while.

Found early this a.m. b4 the activity began. About 3.75" long, best (wild) guess a Cassin's Finch was the victim:

Just before the Goshawk arrived I shot this 1.5 minute video clip of a Rufous Hummingbird taking a bath at the drip:

U shoulda seem 'em scatter! Goshawk was here & not interested in H2O. Birds left drip in every direction, alarm calls 4 abt 5-6 mins. :)

Northern Goshawk at Bryce Canyon, UT Have had a couple of juveniles around past few days, one being mobbed now by Brewer's Blkbrds.

Wings on Wednesday blog post; settled on dates for Jan. return visit to "The Bosque", celebrating with a Sandhill Crane:

Didn't see where it was going, but a No. Goshawk just came ripping past at about 20 ft in altitude & at HIGH speed-cleared the drip.

Northern Goshawk at Bryce Canyon, UT a young one - kinda fun to see as it was (briefly) chasing a female Brewer's Blackbird.

It's Friday and time to test your ID skills with this week's bird quiz - good luck and good birding!

@cindyzlogic Tho' when I lived in Florida I knew people who would get swarms but I never got any - feel pretty lucky now!