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Recent Sighting:

Join this novice birdwatcher as she begins her journey to becoming a true "birder."

Recent Updates and Sightings

Pine Warbler at Boston, MA This poor little guy was in distress on the window ledge of my 16th floor office building. Eventually flew away. I'm hoping for the best!

Good luck all you Bird-a-thon birders! I did my birding last nite w/Broadmoor team.

Re: Long-eared Owl Sighting- "less common calls of other owl species are often erroneously attributed to this species." Could be!

I think I just heard a Long-eared owl at the edge of the woods in my backyard. ID'd it using my Peterson CD

@snowbunting I love looking for hawks while driving on the highway! Makes long drives more interesting :)

Larry at http://brownstonebirder.blo... just blogged about doing a January count. I think it's a great idea! Any Chirpers in on it?

See a bunch of Common Eiders - pulling into Vineyard Haven! :)

@snowbunting I identified my first a few backs when I was birding at that farm in CT. I always see them on lists but never saw one myself!

White-throated Sparrow at Bridgewater, MA The only silver lining to having to wait 50 minutes for the train this morning in frigid temps- hearing a white-throated sparrow :)

I've put in many hours testing and fine-tuning these new tools, and naturally I ran my birding keywords through them and they pass the test!

Bloggers with analytics- we also launched a free tool to mine your search referrals for topics:

For you bloggers- my company just launched a new free tool that helps you find topic niches:

And maybe I should consider updating my profile picture to reflect the season...nothing says winter more than juncos and cardinals in snow!