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Recent Sighting:

birdinggirl's Sightings

Blue-winged Warbler at Bridgewater, MA Discovered a new birding spot back in June- Tuckerwood Conservation Area.

Pine Warbler at Boston, MA This poor little guy was in distress on the window ledge of my 16th floor office building. Eventually flew away. I'm hoping for the best!

White-throated Sparrow at Bridgewater, MA The only silver lining to having to wait 50 minutes for the train this morning in frigid temps- hearing a white-throated sparrow :)

Red-tailed Hawk at Bridgewater, MA The hawks were going nuts the whole time I was birding. Counted at least 4 at once. Have a short video clip too.

Red-tailed Hawk at Boston, MA This time it flew closer to my window and I could see the illuminated "red" tail feathers and jagged edges to its wings.

Red-tailed Hawk at Boston, MA The RTH is back perching atop the Berkeley Building. I got a tip about peregrine falcons in the Boston Birds Google Group, but it's not.

Red-tailed Hawk at Boston, MA Then I saw 3 flying together around the top of the Berkeley Building and 1 perched at the base of the weather beacon, where it is still.

Red-tailed Hawk at Boston, MA First around 9am there were two playful flying into each other and riding the currents between the tall buildings (I'm on the 23rd floor).

Red-tailed Hawk at Boston, MA I am thoroughly enjoying watching the hawks at the Berkeley Building this morning- I'm assuming they're red-tailed.