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Recent Sighting:

Join this novice birdwatcher as she begins her journey to becoming a true "birder."

Recent Updates and Sightings

Happy Thanksgiving! Saw a red-tailed hawk eating its own Thanksgiving dinner- rodent.

Just heard my first White-throated Sparrow of the season!

Blue-winged Warbler at Bridgewater, MA Discovered a new birding spot back in June- Tuckerwood Conservation Area.

@cindyzlogic How exciting! I've only seen a Mississippi Kite once and it was sitting on its nest so I didn't get a good view.

More "commuting" birdwatching: Snowy Egret in a tree in the marsh (as seen from commuter train)

Just saw a Yellow Warbler on my way to the train station! Love squeezing in birdwatching :)

Also saw a Great Blue Heron eating a HUGE fish at Carver Pond in Bridgewater, MA. I'll try to update my blog with pictures this week.

Great weekend birding- saw a Blue-winged Warbler and Eastern Towhee at Tuckerwood Conservation Area in Bridgewater, MA.